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Our Mission

The Mission of the United Methodist Church in Stow is to

grow in faith in Christ and to reach out in God’s love.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a church that follows the example of Jesus.


Jesus welcomed everyone – little children, the leper, the tax collector … even us. Therefore;


We will be a church where all people know they are invited, loved and accepted.


Jesus showed us how to live in deep relationship with God. He regularly spent time in worship and prayer; taught and strengthened his disciples; and ministered to the larger community.  Therefore; 


We will:

  • Grow in personal relationship with God through worship, scripture, study and prayer.
  • Gather in fellowship and nurture one another physically, emotionally and spiritually, that we might mature in faith.
  • Go into our community and world to nurture others and share God’s love, that all might have a relationship with God.