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The Voices of Children

The Voices of Children

I was sitting at my desk in my office, trying to decide which pile of work to dig into first, when I heard the sound of preschoolers outside my window.  I looked up and saw them pointing at leaves and picking them up.  Each child had a bag in which they put their leaves.  I’m guessing there will be a project with wax paper involved.  They were excited and chatty as their voices raised, “I found one!”

We are blessed to have two schools at the United Methodist Church in Stow.  The voices of children often remind us as we are busy with the busyness of adults to stop every once in a while and enjoy a good time in God’s beautiful creation.

Being Still – with one active child

Being Still – with one active child

I’ve always learned a lot from children. Dante, the grandson of our pastor, is one of my teachers. He teaches me to think in other ways. Since his verbal skills are limited, I try to sometimes anticipate what Dante needs. Occasionally, I’m right. He wants a book or to sit on my lap. Other times I know to “be still.” As it says in the Bible, being still brings us closer to God. I’m not good at being still and neither is Dante, but together God is teaching us trust. Just one woman in a rocking chair and one active young boy.

Children’s Creations

Children’s Creations

The Create Day and Children’s Art Auction were a HUGE success!!! Kids, ages 3-17, had a great time listening to stories about God’s creation and his covenant with us. They then got busy on their own creations! These turned out amazing. The descriptions and artists bios they wrote were equally amazing! The finished products were then put on display and auctioned off. We raised a little over $300.00 to be divided between VBS and apportionments! The evening was full of fun, food and fellowship.

I was looking forward to the create day and auction. Little did I know how much fun they would be! The kids knew just what they wanted to do. Their creative, little minds seemed like they were moving a mile a minute! The stories they told about their art work gave me a lot to think about. I sometimes forget that they have so much knowledge inside of them. As an adult, I tend to loose my child like “just do it attitude” and try not to think about the end result, but just that moment.

Thanks to the kids for reminding me of that and to everyone that came out to bid, donate or volunteer!

“GrandPals” Day

“GrandPals” Day

This month Children’s Place Learning Center honored all of the special people in our children’s lives with a breakfast. We call this Breakfast with GrandPals. Many of our students do not have biological grandparents that live close to them; therefore, our center invites anyone that is close to the child. This year we had 98% participation by included extended family and friends. Our goal was to increase the bond between family and school. I am happy to report we have done just that! Our guests enjoyed a variety of breakfast pastries, participated in activities and received a hand-made gift from the child they were visiting.

We cannot wait for next year!            Mrs. Angie Collier, Center Director

Parking Lot Prayers

Parking Lot Prayers

The rain was pouring down and the steam was rising from the parking lot as I sat in my car waiting for the seven o’clock hour.  Some members of the congregation had shared the idea of this gathering with me about six months before.  “What if we gathered at each of the school parking lots in the Stow- Monroe Falls School District the evening before school started and prayed?”  I thought it was a wonderful idea.

We began organizing ourselves and individuals volunteered to be at each of the parking lots of our nine schools.  We invited others to join us for a prayer at 7pm to lift up our students, teachers, support staff, administration, families, and community.  We prayed that we had an engaging and safe school year.  We wanted to be deliberate and focused.

Of course I had no idea how the Parking Lot Prayer would go but everyone involved shared that it was a wonderful experience and that knowing we were all praying together was very moving.  The last sentences of our shared prayer were these:

Protective God, we pray for the safety of all who work and learn here.  Bless their coming in and their going out.  Bless their efforts.  Bless their toil and play.  Help all of us make the most of the year ahead.

All this we pray with hope and courage.


Rain wasn’t the only thing that was being poured over our schools that evening!


Reaching Children

Reaching Children

School is in full swing! Backpacks are filled with supplies. Lunches are bought or packed each day. Lessons are taught. Homework is given out and handed back in. We think a lot about what our kids need as they return to school each fall. What is another need our children have that isn’t taught in school? The need to know Jesus. The classes, tests, studying and other things will get children where they want to be on this earth, but they need more to get to their “forever” life.

Learning how God wants us to live and becoming disciples of Jesus are what kids will be learning during Sunday School and Kids’ Church. “Deep Blue” is the program for 4 years to 6th grade. We will launch the year on September 11 with a Deep Blue Adventure Party. All children 4 years to 6th grade are invited. We will meet in Room 200 at 9:30. Come and join in the fun!

The Arise Class, 7th grade-12th grade will be continuing with The Story. Teens will experience stories from Genesis to Revelation. Like any good story, they are filled with intrigue, drama, conflict, romance and redemption. This class meets in rooms 106/108 at 9:30 Sunday mornings.

As Methodists, God is calling you to reach:

A child that is on their tiptoes, ready to be taught

A child God has placed on your heart

A child whose potential you can encourage

A child difficult to reach

A child who needs a mentor

A child whose needs are not met


Please consider joining us to bring these lessons to the kids of our congregation.

Sunday School is still in need of two people for the 1st Sunday of every month.


Kids Church is in need of volunteers as well.

1st Sunday-two at 10:45

3rd Sunday-two at 8:30

4th Sunday-two at 8:30


“One thing is certain: It will be far easier to just stay comfortable and leave children unreached. If we do, John Wesley only asked that we do not call ourselves Methodists.”


From the book: Seven Things John Wesley Expected Us to Do for Kids