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I’ve written about my office window before, but one day in December window watching turned out to be extra exciting. Four deer made their way out of the woods by the church parking lot. Usually the deer only poke their heads out, but on this day they sauntered out to the grass. They were probably looking for the corn and apples I sometimes give them when it snows. Last year I was greeted by a small deer as I parked my car in the morning. That made me think that perhaps I was spoiling the deer too much, but it gave me pleasure to help this lovely animal and to give him nourishment during the winter.

In this Christmas season of giving, we must remember that we humans reside in a beautiful world with other creatures. God made us trustee, and we must make sure that we give gifts to our non-human friends this Christmas too. After all, Jesus was not alone in that stable! So on Christmas Eve I’m putting out some gifts for the deer and the birds at church, and I’m sending a check to the Kent Animal Shelter for the dogs and cats who don’t have a home yet. Merry Christmas to All!