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It seems that every morning there is some horrible news I wake up to. Whether it is the destruction from natural disasters that occur world wide or the ones that are inflicted at the hands of humans, it is hard to not ask “why?” Why do these things happen in nature? How can other humans be so cruel and inhuman? What can I, as one person, do to help? There are no easy answers and some questions have no answers. I do know one thing, God is in charge. I was reminded of His promise at work the other day. As I walked to room 200, I noticed a rainbow on the floor. It was just what I needed. It guided my path on my many trips back and forth. As it faded throughout the day, my faith grew stronger. I knew that although the rainbow was no longer visible, it’s meaning still was. We all have our storms and suffering to get through. Ours might seem small to the ones happening around us, but to God they are important and knowing He is with us might ease the pain.