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Like many families we gathered for the unofficial last day of summer on Labor Day.  After praying for those who labor for our country, their physical hardships, and their needs, we went to play.  Going to the Lake during the summer is a haven for our family and watching my daughter take her boys tubing, as I did with her many years ago, is such a joy.  At our haven we spend hours laughing, swimming, eating, and sometimes we just sit quietly and watch the sun play on the water.  We all need a haven—a place of escape from our busyness—a place to just “be.”  We need such times and such places to live a healthy life.

Even Jesus needed to get away from time to time.  He would steel away from the crowds, from the busyness, from the demands of daily life to find some peace, to reflect, and to pray.  I often picture him beside the lake watching the sun dance on the water, or in the hills feeling a refreshing breeze.  At such places we are on holy ground and we are blessed.