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There is a wonderful lift to the spirit when I pull weeds. Outside the office window, there is a plethora of extraneous plants, some that have been there for a long time and some that have sprouted because the birds have scattered the seeds from the feeder. I’m not sure why it feels good to organize this garden, but it does.

I know that I’m not the only one who thinks this way. The Bible is full of references to gardens and seeds. It says, that “for everything there is a season.” Dandelions, for instance, are good food for bees which pollinate our crops, although they’re a headache for farmers and suburban lawns. Poison ivy spreads misery when touched by people, but horses and other animals find the taste delicious.

Are weeds only weeds to the eye of the beholder? Let’s hope we don’t look at people the same way we look at our garden. Let’s appreciate the variety of humans in our midst and weed only the yard.