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My husband, Tom, and I visited our daughter on her birthday a couple of weeks ago.  We were out in the front yard playing with our grandsons.  Tom and Beth were adjusting the brakes on her new bicycle when they discovered that they needed some tools.  Beth went around to the back of the house to the basement door to get the tools and when she opened the door smoke came billowing out of the basement.

Tom and Beth went into the smoke as the alarms started blaring and found that spontaneous combustion had occurred with a rag Beth had used the day before when she was doing some staining.  The fire was just getting going and was quickly put out.  The house was aired out and we continued playing in the front yard.

Our family is always aware of the constant presence of God in our lives and the blessings that wind their way through even the most trying of times.  And as we reflected on this incident we realized how much God had guided our ways that afternoon.  We could have been playing in the front yard for hours but tools were needed and the basement was entered and the fire was discovered.  We could have all been out somewhere and not been home to discover the fire.  So many other things could have happened, but they didn’t.

Some may say that we were lucky and chalk it up to good fortune.  We see it as God’s blessing and we are thankful for God’s guidance and wisdom in our lives.