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My mom died a few years ago and I miss her so much.  I wish she could see my two grandsons and experience the joy we have in them.  At a recent church dinner we somehow started talking about Mom and four-year-old Trey asked where she was.  I told him that she had died and was in heaven with Jesus.  He asked what her name was and what my father’s name was too.  Then he seemed to get interested in something else and I thought that was the end of it until my daughter reported this conversation which occurred on the way home that night.

Trey:  Mama, I’m sad about Nana’s mommy and daddy.

Beth:  Why buddy?

Trey:  Cause I want to meet them!

Beth:  They would have loved you Trey, and your brother!

Trey:  Yea, I would have loved my great grandma and great grandpa!

What a tender heart of a little boy who can love, even people he has never met.  I have a feeling that he can even feel the love that is passed down from my parents in very real ways.  They are always with us.