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School is in full swing! Backpacks are filled with supplies. Lunches are bought or packed each day. Lessons are taught. Homework is given out and handed back in. We think a lot about what our kids need as they return to school each fall. What is another need our children have that isn’t taught in school? The need to know Jesus. The classes, tests, studying and other things will get children where they want to be on this earth, but they need more to get to their “forever” life.

Learning how God wants us to live and becoming disciples of Jesus are what kids will be learning during Sunday School and Kids’ Church. “Deep Blue” is the program for 4 years to 6th grade. We will launch the year on September 11 with a Deep Blue Adventure Party. All children 4 years to 6th grade are invited. We will meet in Room 200 at 9:30. Come and join in the fun!

The Arise Class, 7th grade-12th grade will be continuing with The Story. Teens will experience stories from Genesis to Revelation. Like any good story, they are filled with intrigue, drama, conflict, romance and redemption. This class meets in rooms 106/108 at 9:30 Sunday mornings.

As Methodists, God is calling you to reach:

A child that is on their tiptoes, ready to be taught

A child God has placed on your heart

A child whose potential you can encourage

A child difficult to reach

A child who needs a mentor

A child whose needs are not met


Please consider joining us to bring these lessons to the kids of our congregation.

Sunday School is still in need of two people for the 1st Sunday of every month.


Kids Church is in need of volunteers as well.

1st Sunday-two at 10:45

3rd Sunday-two at 8:30

4th Sunday-two at 8:30


“One thing is certain: It will be far easier to just stay comfortable and leave children unreached. If we do, John Wesley only asked that we do not call ourselves Methodists.”


From the book: Seven Things John Wesley Expected Us to Do for Kids