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A few weeks ago, two Chancel Choir members came to me with a suggestion. They thought it would be nice if the choir would go sing at the assisted living facility where one of our former choir members now lives. We brought it up at a rehearsal and there was wide-spread support for the idea. When the day came for us visit, we had a nearly full choir standing around the piano in the dining room. Many of the residents came to hear. We sang a couple anthems and then invited people to call out favorite hymns, hymn-sing-style. It was not a very complicated or long performance, but everyone had a really good time.

Many thoughts have been rattling around inside my head since that afternoon. How music is a bond that crosses time. That our singing was a form of outreach to those we didn’t know. That we were praising God through music in a new place. But for me, the most touching thing was the willingness of so many people to go out of their way to brighten someone’s day. It showed heart of our choir – which was forged through singing and praying together week after week.

I hope everyone has a chance to experience a bond like that.

P.S. I guess I should mention here that you are always welcome to join the choir – or the Praise Team or the Brees Bells – if you are looking for a little music and fellowship in your life!


(Originally published June 29, 2016)