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I walked into our outer Narthex on May 22nd and was shocked.  Our youth (a.k.a. the Arise Class) had asked for suggestions for a mission project several weeks before.  I suggested the Bishop’s initiative, The 3 C’s:  supporting churches, clinics, and classrooms in Africa and Russia.  We had made this a special offering with the adults and had a less than impressive response.  Our Youth grabbed hold of The 3 C’s and decided to have a bake sale on May 22nd and invited the children of the church to help.  When I walked into our outer Narthex on that Sunday I was shocked by the overflowing tables of baked goods, candy, and even homemade dog biscuits!  I think the adults were too because our youth and children raised $355 through donations that day with more coming in the next week for a grand total of $408.  It was beyond moving to see the young people smiling and talking to members of the congregation as they shared about their project and drummed up business!  Thanks to our Youth and children we will be taking a check to Annual Conference that will make a difference in people’s lives for a very long time.

(Originally published June 6, 2016)