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Learning from Our Youngest

Learning from Our Youngest

What an honor it has been to be the Director of Christian Education for the past 4 years! Although I concentrate on what I can do to educate children on their faith journey, I am always in awe about what I learn from them.

The Arise class took on the challenge of planning and holding a bake sale to benefit the 3Cs. Not only did they take time to bake, they also invited the prek-6th grade Sunday School class to join them in the dipping of items in chocolate. I know what it is like to have one child that age join me for for baking, much less six! My congratulations on their courage for taking this on! Not only did the kids help dip, they also were able to draw a picture representing the 3Cs that were added to the display board at the sale.

I brought my two grandsons to church that morning and they helped with the project. The following Tuesday, Logan was spending the afternoon with me and we started talking about the bake sale. I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to get at the sale, since I knew he wouldn’t be there. His reply, “Some of those dipped oreos because they looked delicious!”

Then he asked me if I knew what the 3Cs stood for. I decided to play dumb, which being around a 7 year old seems to happen naturally, and asked him to tell me. Logan went on to explain what the 3Cs are; Churches, Clinics, Classrooms. Logan touched base about each one and where they are located, “in Africa and somewhere else.” (They are in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Zimbabwa and Russia) Again, I was in awe of how much I learned and how much he remembered.

The Arise class, reaching out with this project, left a lasting impression on Logan, and I am sure, the other kids as well. The last thing Logan told me was “Make sure you leave some money because they need all they can get!”

Thanks to the Arise class for planning the bake sale and to everyone for their support of this important outreach mission!

(originally published June 1, 2016)

Hymn Writers Tell Their Stories

Imagine that your job is to run the music program at your church. You are good at it and you love your job – but you have to admit there are little problems here and there that get in the way of a smooth worship service. Then imagine your boss (i.e. the priest) gets so frustrated with the glitches that he declares “no more music.” What do you do? What’s your purpose now?

On June 5, when we go to our summer worship schedule (one 9:30 AM Service) the music program will present A Festival of Hymns: The Writers Tell Their Stories. You will have the opportunity to “meet” the songwriter that lived through that experience and see how he handled that bizarre situation.  You’ll also meet other hymn writers that span the range of Christian song – from 340 AD to the present. You’ll have a chance to hear about their struggles and inspirations.  For instance:

Who fought off attackers by singing hymns with “frightening fervor?”

Who was originally trained as a lawyer?

Who was blind from birth?

Whose main inspiration for writing was dissatisfaction with the “old style” of singing?

After we hear the writers’ stories we will sing one of their hymns/songs.  Expect a music-filled service featuring the Chancel Choir, Praise Team, Brees Bells and most importantly, the congregation.

Spread the word to come sing on Sunday, June 5 at 9:30 AM!

(originally published May 25, 2016)

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